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Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Down Is Up, Up Is Down – Carmelo, Dolan, Silver And The Knicks

Hard to believe what has happened to the Knicks and the NBA in New York City: CARMELO ANTHONY Whether you think Carmelo is a selfish athlete or not, this All-Star weekend took the cake. After decades of athletes in all sports deciding to “skip the All-Star game to get healthy” or “to rest” or whatever, Carmelo went the opposite way – he decided to play in the All-Star game and then decided it would be best to have knee surgery and miss the rest of the season. To say that decision is inexplicable is to be kind. What’s also inexplicable Continue reading

Brad Kurtzberg (TheSTN) – 8 Thoughts On The End Of The 2014 NFL Season

1. The play call by Seahawks coach Pete Carroll on Seattle’s final offensive play was horrible. Essentially, it went away from his team’s strengths and played right into their weaknesses. Marshawn Lynch’s running is the best weapon Seattle has. If you’re number one weapon can’t get one yard on two or three shots with the title on the line, you don’t deserve to win. But if you’re going to go down swinging, it should be with your best and Carroll took the ball out of the hands of his best player. Seattle’s second best offensive weapon is the running ability Continue reading

Steve Kallas (TheSTN) – Final Super Bowl Thoughts

Some interesting final Super Bowl thoughts (Patriots 28, Seahawks 24) PATRIOTS’ MISTAKE RIGHT BEFORE THE HALF While it’s hard to believe that Seattle was able to go 80 yards in 31 seconds to score a touchdown before the half (and since Pete Carroll would be later rightfully killed for a dumb call on Seattle’s last possession, give him some credit for this one), the Patriots had it in their power to stop this touchdown (up 14-7 at the time). It says here that Bill Belichick should have ordered all defensive backs on the field to mug (if necessary) any wide Continue reading

Brad Kurtzberg (TheSTN) – Bills Fans Beware: Rex Ryan Will Give You the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The fact that Rex Ryan ended up choosing the Buffalo Bills as his next coaching job is a bit of a puzzle. In Buffalo, Ryan is going to be in a situation very similar to what he left with the New York Jets: a team with a strong defense, a good running game and a questionable young quarterback who needs to develop. He also has to get past a dominant New England Patriots’ team to win the division. The problem with Ryan is that while he is likely to reinforce the strengths of his new team, he is unlikely to Continue reading